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Please click on the following links for more literacy and maths resources:

Maths resources

Literacy resources

Reading Book Colour order

Order of reading books. 

  1. White - beginning
  2. Pink 
  3. Yellow
  4. Green 
  5. Orange 
  6. Red - advanced 


In the new 'mastery' maths, the children will be using 'part, part, whole' diagrams such as the one below. 


Phonics Practice

Here are some useful links to use with your children at home. 

Articulation of of 44 Phonemes  

Jolly Phonics phase 3 interactive song.

Jolly Phonics phase 2 interactive song.

Sound Mats

Image result for jolly phonics digraphs

          Related image


                 Image result for phonics phase 4 mat jolly phonics

Jolly Phonics Actions

Journey togetherGuided by GodTo do the best we can