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Welcome to Science at St Nicolas and St Mary CE Primary School! 

Here you will find our science curriculum map as well as science milestones detailing the journey our children make as scientists from year 1 to year 6.  Their scientific learning journey incudes the breadth of the statutory science curriculum taught within our innovative and inclusive classrooms. We hope all our pupils absorb our love and enthusiasm for this subject.


Our Science Vision

At St Nicolas and St Mary’s, we aim to deliver a high-quality science education which provides all our children, including disadvantaged and/or pupils with SEND, with a foundation for understanding the world around us. We endeavour to provide our children with a secure body of scientific knowledge whilst developing a sense of excitement and natural curiosity. Through scientific enquiry, all children are encouraged to ask and answer challenging questions, actively explore processes and critically evaluate evidence. Our children are supported to relate their learning in the classroom to the real world with visits from inspiring professionals who work in the STEM sector, exciting STEM based school trips and the use of our school grounds and local area. Annually, we run a STEM week, where our children experience a range of science trails, collaborative projects and special investigations which further enrich our science curriculum and engage all pupils across the school. We make many meaningful cross-curricular links between science and other subjects, for example with our geography units ‘Oceans' (year 4) and ‘The Rainforest’ (year 3). This gives our children the chance to explore science within a specific context; meaning they have a much broader knowledge and understanding of the concepts taught, make links to global issues such as climate change and consider the positive impact that we can have.

Overall, we seek to inspire our children by instilling a love of scientific learning and discovery through hands-on learning and memorable experiences.

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