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Scratch project

For those who would like to continue their Computing work at home, I will upload each week's Scratch tasks here!

Parents: Scratch can be used without downloading anthing on this webpage OR it can be downloaded for free from here.

Week 1

Today's code lets us move our character using the keyboard's arrow keys.
Challenge: Can you add a Player 2 with different controls?
Challenge: Can you change the speed the character moves?

Week 2

This shows us how to paint a new (maze) background for our level.
Today's code adds a new starting ("spawn") point for our sprite. It also adds a restarting ("respawn") point.
Challenge: Can you change the code to make the sprites spawn in different locations?

Week 3

Today, we are adding a variable to our game.
This will allow us to keep score of the player's points. They will lose points when they hit a wall and gain points when they collect a pick-up.
This last bit of code, added to the pick-up, will make it disappear when the player character touches it.
Challenge: Can you add more pick-ups to your game? Can you make them move?

Week 4

Today's code adds a "goal" to our game, for the player character to reach.
Here we are making a new level for our game.
Challenge: Can you make the score go up by 10 points when you reach the goal?

New Scratch project:

Week 1

This will be the base for our new game.


 Week 2

This week we have made a 2-player variant of our game. 
Notice the subtle differences in the script for Blue Player.


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