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Weekly Bulletin

Please click on the link below to read our parent and carer bulletins!  The bulletin is usually issued every Friday and provides you with information about events/trips/visits that are taking place the following week and other reminders or items we need to share with you!

As part of the weekly parent/carer bulletin, we pass on advertising and information from other organisations that we think may be of interest to you.  Adverts appear at the end of the weekly bulletin.  We attach this advertising to the bulletin for environmental reasons (they were previously printed as leaflets to go into book bags), to minimise the number of different emails sent out to parents & carers, and to help keep parents & carers informed about events, activities and projects happening in the community in a timely manner.  Please be assured that we do not share your personal data with these organisations and as we do not receive any advertising income we are free to refuse the advertising if we deem that it is not appropriate.  If you feel that a particular advert or the frequency of a particular advert is inappropriate please do contact the school.

Autumn Term 2018

Weekly Bulletin 13 - 7th December

Weekly Bulletin 12 - 30th November

St Nic's Kindness Advent Calendar

Weekly Bulletin 11 - 23rd November

Weekly Bulletin 10 - 16th November

Weekly Bulletin 9 - 9th November

Weekly Bulletin 8 - 2nd November

Weekly Bulletin 7 - 19th October

Weekly Bulletin 6 - 12th October

Weekly Bulletin 5 - 5th October

Weekly Bulletin 4 - 28th September

Weekly Bulletin 3 - 21st September

Weekly Bulletin 2 - 14th September

Weekly Bulletin 1 - 7th September

Summer Term 2018

Weekly Bulletin 40 - 20th July

Weekly Bulletin 39 - 13th July

Weekly Bulletin 38 - 6th July

Weekly Bulletin 37 - 28th June

Weekly Bulletin 36 - 22nd June

Weekly Bulletin 35 - 15th June

Weekly Bulletin 34 - 6th June

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