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Year 2

Science Week

Puffins and Penguins learnt about the importance of keeping clean.  We ended up with lots of glitter bugs around the classroom and especially on the children's hands!  We also did a sneeze test to see how far the droplets of water would scatter over small pictures we made of ourselves.  For our home learning, we made nature gardens which were absolutely awesome!  Well done, Penguins and Puffins!


South Downs Planetarium

Year 2 had an out of this world trip to the South Downs  Planetarium. First, we looked at the night sky and the International  Space Station  in the dark dome. It looked 3D and it really brought space to life. Then we learnt all about the Apollo 11 mission and the real distance of the planets from the sun. We had a fantastic day out. 



Open Box Theatre

The Open Box theatre came to school and we had a brilliant workshop with them all about the Polar regions. We learnt lots about the Arctic and Antarctica. 

We closed our eyes and went on an adventure. When we woke up we were in the Arctic. We acted out being polar bears.




When we got to the Antarctic we acted as seals and huddled together as penguins. 

Fire of London

This term we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We have had a lot of fun creating 3D Tudor houses. We set fire to them outside on the playground to act out the events. They set fire quickly just like in 1066. It made us think about how people felt when their houses burnt down. 


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