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Year 5 - Terrapins

Be Careful What You Wish For...

After reading the Midas Touch, we decided to twist the story and write our own versions but with a similar moral about what is really important. We then turned them into amazing  books which we shared with Year 1. 


Applesham Farm!

We visited Applesham Farm to learn all about the story of wheat. We looked at the various stages of its growth, looked round the farm and saw the machinery that is used to harvest the wheat!


Learning about place value

In Maths, we have been investigating numbers up to a million. We have been ordering them, rounding them, comparing them and even drawing them on the tables ...


Our Class Olympics

To kick off our Ancient Greeks topic, we learnt all about the origins of the Olympic games and then created our own version! We designed an Olympic torch, mascot, rings and wreathes on the first day and then planned and competed in four Olympic events on the second. We worked brilliantly together as a team and produced some amazing results!



We're ready for Year 5!!


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