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Year 5 - Terrapins

14/3/18 STEM week challenges!

During STEM week we designed our own space suits for planets, and as part of our Rivers and Mountains topic we investigated different types of shelters then built our own!

A massive thank you to Miss Harvey and all the hard work she put into making Shelters Day so hands on!


8/3/18 Happy Belated World Book Day!

Well done for all your fantastic costumes and for completing all those reading challenges! 

23/2/18 The Tale of the Two T’s Terrific Travel Agents

Class written review

The amazing Year 5 Class Assembly was about a family of four, who wanted an adventurous holiday. During the assembly, the family visits five magnificent travel agents to see which mountainous holiday they want to take. Throughout the assembly, the family finds out interesting facts such as how mountains are formed, how the water cycle works and details about different types of mountains.

The outstanding travel agents spoke loudly and clearly, using emphasis to add excitement and persuade the family to choose their destination. The excited family, which included a sassy teenager, a funny son and two very encouraging parents, were exceptionally good at entertaining the audience.

Highlights from the performance included the ‘tectonic plates’ acting out mountain formation and two catchy songs (Fresh Prince of Belair and The Water Cycle). Though the props were fantastic at helping explain the story, Year 5 could have included scenery in the background to help reel in the audience.



6/2/18 Water cycle song and Southern Water

In Science we have been learning all about water and we had a visit from Southern water to learn about saving water and we tested puddle water and tap water to see how they compare. As always, we have also been singing the water cycle song... (


1/2/18 Maths Week

As part of Maths week, we spent Thursday early morning work playing lots of different Maths games. Some of us even came up with new rules to invent our own games! Over the week, we also investigated the maths of different mountains, took part in a KS2 House Maths competition (congratulations Yellow House), took on the break time challenges and continued working hard on fractions.


17/1/18 Building our own shanty houses

As part of our topic on Mountains and Rivers, we have been reading Mia's Story by Michael Foreman and thinking about how Mia's village in the Andes compares to Shoreham. On Wednesday we had a go at building houses like Mia's in groups.


18/12/17 Our Ancient Greek Feast

Amidst the Christmas madness, Year 5 were busy preparing Greek salad, humous, costumes and performances in honour of our Greek Feast. We all took turns being the privileged rich and being the slaves who catered to their every need.

 Challenge: Can you explain how Ancient Greek feasts compare to modern day parties?

30/11/17 Multiplying and dividing by powers of 10

We've been looking at lots of ways of multiplying and dividing by powers of 10. We've made human place value grids, drawn the place value columns on our desks and sang songs to help us remember how to do it.

Challenge: can you work out what we divided 4320 by to make 432?



22/11/17 Prayer Space

Terrapins visited the Prayer Space on Wednesday where we got a chance to reflect and pray. Activities included decorating hot air balloons with our hopes and dreams, praying for peace by colouring footballs, shredding our 'sorries' and exploring the idea of prayer beads.


3/11/17 A Child in Ancient Greece

Rainbow Theatre paid a visit to Year 5 and helped us put on plays all about Ancient Greece! We performed scenes about life at school, the market place, sports and even some Greek myths!


21/9/17 Pandora what have you done?

We've been reading Pandora's Box ready to think about writing our own myths. Poor Pandora had to go through a conscience alley in which she heard exactly what Zeus thought about her poor choices...


11/9/17 Our Class Olympics

To kick off our Ancient Greeks topic, we designed and competed in our own Class Olympics. We created mascots, olympic rings, wreaths, a torch and lots and lots of races!


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