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Year 5 - Turtle

Amazing Applesham

We had a fantastic day at Applesham Farm on Tuesday. The weather was gorgeous and the farm was as beautiful as ever. We took part in a wildflower survey and an insect safari on the banks of the farm and saw some great wildlife including a few hares! We managed to find the lambs that we saw on our last visit, who were now a lot bigger.

Circle of Friendship

As a year group, we enjoyed some time in our new tree circle, spending time thinking about friendship. We reflected on what makes a good friend and how we can encourage others to share these qualities.


Passion Play

We spent a day following the life of Jesus from birth to resurrection and got to experience some of the events in his life. Turtle class particularly enjoyed the feeding of the 5000 where we were lucky enough to have bread, cheese and gummy fish sweeties! Turtle class were fantastic at acting and saying their lines. A fantastic day had by all! 




This morning, Turtle class came in to an alarming sight! The classroom had been destroyed and there were footprints left on the floor. The children were taken to the small hall and reassured. After watching a terrifying video of Mr Tel being attacked by a dragon, we saw an interview with Mrs Bishop explaining what had happened over the weekend. Unfortunately, due to the royal wedding being so huge, the news of the dragon didn't make national news! The children are currently writing about the event and trying to get to the bottom of the dragon egg that was left behind!

Let's hope the dragon doesn't return!

Mrs Stenning


Investigating Angles!

Mrs Stenning has been letting Turtle Class write on the tables again! We have been investigating angles and what better way to estimate and measure angles than with masking tape and whiteboard pens! Turtles were fantastic and worked incredibly hard all lesson!



Dangerous Dragon Territory!

Turtle Class have created their own fantastic dragons after spending a while looking at the dragons from 'How to Train Your Dragon'. We thought about features of existing animals that would make our dragons as fearsome and vicious as possible. We are now working hard to create WANTED posters for our dragons and we hope to display them around school soon! To be continued.......




As part of inclusion week, we spent alot of time thinking about and celebrating people's strengths and the barriers we may have overcome in life. We decided to look at other people's strengths and barriers and learnt some sign language to the song from The Greatest Showman - 'This Is Me'. A very popular song and a fantastic effort from Turtle Class lead to this awesome video! Well done Turtles - this is fantastic!







Interesting Instruction Writing

Today, we began learning about instruction writing. We began the lesson by trying to write instructions for how to make a paper aeroplane. Mrs Stenning had a go at making the paper aeroplane just by listening to the instructions given. Unfortunately, some of the instructions were interesting bad and we quickly learnt what was needed to improve them! We ended the lesson with some fantasticly clear instructions and some great paper aeroplanes! 



Awesome Applesham

Today we visited the wonderful Applesham Farm for our second of three visits this year. The weather was kind to us and although a little windy, the sun shone all day. We were lucky enough to go to the lambing pen and see how the farm process all the lambs that are born. We learnt about ear tagging and how their tails fall off to stop the bugs from nesting. Mr Passmore showed us around the farm and we visited an orphaned calf who had unfortunately lost it's mum. Mr Passmore let us name the calf and we decided as a class on 'Coco'. We then went to visit some orphaned lambs and had a little cuddle. The day was great and it was fun to spot the changes from our Autumn visit. We are looking forward to our Summer visit!




Our Class Story!

This week we have been writing stories! We have looked at a good example of a story about aliens, identified the underlying pattern and then created our own stories based on the ideas we made as a class. We experimented with lots of shared writing as class and here is the story we came up with together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Mrs Stenning


As the breezy wind wiped the sun behind the paper-white mountains, the sky erupted into darkness. The snow whipped up like the inside of a snow globe. Quickly, the storm clouds enveloped the peaks that stood high above the frozen wasteland. Utterly exhausted, Alex and Kate were finishing the last run of the day down the icy slope. As the brutal conditions were slapping them round the face, they continued to trudge through the deep snow. 

A low, grumbling growl echoed suddenly around the valley of the giants. They froze. Feeling worried, they silently continued on their journey through the stormy blizzard. As the terrifying conditions forced them to look down, they stumbled upon a mysterious footprint the size of a dinner plate. As quick as a flash, the petrified pair dived behind a jagged rock. They looked up. Something moved. Staring back at them was a pair of illuminating red orbs. But, was it quick enough to catch them?

It was morning, 12 hours later, and the sun, peaking past the snow topped mountains, was beaming off the glistening snow. As Alex awoke, he quickly realised that him and Kate were covered from head to toe in a blanket of snow. Alex nudged Kate. After Kate lazily woke up, they forced their way out of their snow duvets and scouted around for clues. Scurrying around, they stumbled upon THE footprint, of course... THE YETI!

After the commotion, crazily, Alex and Kate galloped down the mountain side to warn the innocent villagers of their astonishing encounter. A thousand disgusted eyes stared back at them. Although no one believed a word of it, they frantically hurried to the doctor, who told them they had suffered from hypothermia after being exposed to the cold all night. For the remainder of the day, all they could hear was the disturbed villagers muttering about their nonsense.

As evening approached, Kate nervously reached into her jacket pocket to reply to the hundreds of messages she had been sent throughout the tiring day. While doing so, she pulled out something warm. It was white. And fluffy. This could only mean one thing. They hadn't gone crazy. It was true - but would anyone believe them?





Today was awesome, we spent the whole day thinking about shelters and how they are used differently in different environments. We looked at existing shelters, why they are needed and then designed and built our own! We had some fantastic successes and made some great mistakes along the way that we learnt from. Turtle and Terrapin classes worked so well together today. It was great to get outside in the mud and enjoy the fresh air!



STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) WEEK

In science this week the children bought in recycled goods to create clothing appropriate for certain conditions. Each group was given a different scenario to create a costume for. I'm sure you will agree, these costumes are out of this world!



In RE this term we have been learning all about Buddhism. We had a look at Buddha's features and why he looked the way he did. To help us understand and remember his key features, we made Buddha models! I think you will agree, Turtles did a fantastic job!



World Book Day!

Here are Turtle and Terrpain class in their awesome costumes!



Awesome Alien Drama!

Today, Turtle Class read a story about an alien landing. They needed to remember the key events of the story and so we used our fantastic acting skills to learn the story. Here are some pictures of our shocked faces, having seen the spaceship! Let's hope the wind doesn't change!


Turtles, you are awesome!

Mrs Stenning




A class written review of our assembly                                                                                                                 23/02/18


This outstanding assembly from the year 5’s at St Nicolas and St Mary’s Primary school delighted the parent-filled audience. The sunny Friday morning was only brightened by the smiling faces of the 9 and 10 year old children confidently filling the theatre.

The magnificent showcase, about a joyful family wanting to go on holiday, was both educational and entertaining. The creative storyline followed the family as they delved into different stores waiting for the persuasive travel agents to sell them a mountainous holiday. Along the way, the audience were treated to some science information creatively put into a song - this was sensational. While the information about mountain formation was being delivered, there were exceptional actors demonstrating the process.

Although Mrs Stenning and Miss Kite’s script writing could do with some work, the children managed to create an exciting extravaganza on the stage by remembering their words and delivering them with confidence. The two main songs (Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the Water Cycle Song), which collaborated the two year 5 classes, left the audience speechless. So that the audience didn’t get confused, each travel agent group wore the main colour of their company’s symbol. Despite the lack of similarity between costumes, the consistency of the colour schemes assisted the audience in recognising the different companies. Unfortunately, unlike other showcases, the backdrop was dreary and black, this lead to the unlucky children sticking out like sore thumbs. Due to the lack of enthusiasm and effort put into the signage, the scene did not inspire the audience or portray a travel agents.

Nevertheless the sensational showcase was an inspiring success and the children were left smiling proudly into the audience of delighted parents as the headmaster congratulated them all.

Turtle Class - you were fantastic! Well Done!

Mrs Stenning




 Water cycle song and Southern Water


In Science we have been learning all about water, we had a visit from Southern Water to learn about saving water and we tested puddle water and tap water to see how they compare. As always, we have also been singing the water cycle song...

Maths Week!


This week we have celebrated maths week and NSPCC number day in a variety of ways! We have had early morning work games, playground questions, bar model challenges at the end of the day and on Friday we finished up with a Maths Day Parade where all the children dressed up in a 'maths' outfit. You all looked fab!

Thank you also to all the parents who came in on Thursday morning to play maths games with us! It was great fun and we hope to try this more often!

See, maths CAN be fun!




What A Mess!!


Yesterday they made a mess! Mrs Stenning has NEVER seen the classroom so messy. Turtles did however, have amazing fun making shanty houses (from the book - Mia's Story) from recyclable goods bought in from home. In the book they have studied, Mia lives in a village in Chile - high up on the mountains - and the houses are made from scrap materials they have found. Yesterday, they tried to replicate the houses in Mia's story and what a fantastic job they did! Well done Turtles!

What a fantastic afternoon!

Mountain Mania!


Yesterday Turtle Class researched different types of mountains, how they are formed and famous ones around the world. Today they presented their information to the class. Mrs Stenning was amazed at the fantastic information they had collated and how well they presented them to the whole class! She is really looking forward seeing them using the information in their explanation writing!









In literacy we have been working hard on our descriptions. We have particularly looking at describing Medusa - a Greek Myth character! The children wrote their best descriptive sentences (including expanded noun phrases) onto a snake and we made Medusa's crazy snake hair!


 Class Assembly Practise

Please ALL learn the prime number rap.

If you would like to audition for the solo part of the olympic song please practise using the link below. - Olympic song (up to 49 seconds) - Prime number rap



Prayer Space

We had the awesome oppotunity to visit the Prayer Space this week at school. The way the people had set it up was just amazing: it had so many different activities. We could use the 'Sorry Shredder'; write our hopes and dreams on a hot air balloon; make prayer beads; ask a BIG QUESTION to God and make a prayer for other countries around the world on a flag. It was a fantastic calming afternoon well spent!



Squaring up!

Turtle Class have been looking at what a sqaure number is and how it would look. We used multilink and mini multilink to make some sqaure numbers to cement our understanding of what 32 actually means. Before we settled down to the task at hand we also took 2 minutes to see who could build the best dinosaur out of multilink - it was brilliant fun!

Well done Turtles!

Mrs Stenning


Turtles get funky!

Today, Turtle class had an amazing oppotunity to take part in a streetdance workshop with JP Omari. JP has trained children and adults from novices to world champions. We had such a fun hour learning a routine and then showing off moves of our own in the freestyle circle. We were also lucky enough to see what JP could do!

JP runs classes in Southwick, if anyone is interested in keeping up with the dancing.

Great work Turtles!


Rainbow Theatre Visit

Today we were visited by the fantastic Rainbow Theatre Group who helped us to perform some fantastic drama all about life in Ancient Greece. Here are some photos of our morning...

We had a fantastic morning!

Well done!



Over the next few weeks, Turtle class will be writing their own newspaper reports about the Greek Myth - Icarus and Deadalus. This week we have been looking at newspapers, how they are written and their main features. We also tried our hand at interviewing eye-witnesses at the scene of the myth.



Maths is FUN!

Today we played some fun maths games to improve our mental maths! We had great fun playing games such as SHUT THE BOX, BINGO and using the JUMBLE TUMBLES. Our mental maths was challenged to see how many different ways we could use numbers to make others.

Challenge: Can you try the Jumble Tumble above?

Mrs Stenning





Today we turned our Greek Theatre Mask designs into the real deal using just paper and scissors! It was a hard task not to pick up a pencil or add any colour but Turtle Class did brilliantly creating their masks 'in relief'. They looked fantastic and we will have them proudly on display for everyone to see very soon!





Negative Wars!


Today we were learning all about negative numbers in maths. We created a positive team (Wooo) and a negative team (Booo). Each team took turns to roll the giant dice and move the tug of war rope along the numberline. The first team to + or - 10 won! Both whole class games went to the negative team! The children then split off into pairs and played against each other with larger numberlines and multi-faced dice! We had some great competitions going and the children really enjoyed it.

You were fantastic TEAM ANTS Turtle Class - well done!



Estimating Outside

Today Mrs Stenning decided that it was too sunny to stay inside and do maths so instead we took our maths outside! We were learning about estimating and each group took on a different challenge within the outside environment, for example: estimating the length of the playground/field; estimating how many blades of grass there are on the field and how many bugs there are in the labyrinth. We had great fun in the sun and learnt ALOT!



Applesham Awesomeness

Today Turtle Class visited Applesham for the first of three trips to the site. We (luckily) had some glorious weather and learnt all about the story of wheat and other crops that Mr Passmore grows on his farm. We got to see the whole site and how the farm runs along with lots of wildlife! We look forward to visiting the farm again in Spring where we hope to see some lambs being born and may even get the chance to cuddle and feed them!

You were so well behaved Turtle Class - Well Done!!

Mrs Stenning




Seated Volleyball

To link in with our Olympic project to start the year, we tried our hand at seated volleyball (a paralympic event). We began with using a bigger ball in small teams and ended up involving everyone in one big game. We had great fun and it was interesting to see how hard it was!

Well done Turtles you were fantastic and showed some great TEAM ANT skills.

Mrs Stenning




Today began our very own Turtle Class Olympics! We started the day learning all about how the Greeks began the tradition and the events that they competed in. This afternoon was fun-filled with crazy creativity between Turtle and Terrapin class. The children made some amazing Olympic props including Olympic torches, Olympic rings, Olympic wreaths and Olympic mascots! Tomorrow starts the sporting events!

Well Done Turtles!

A very proud Mrs Stenning!


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