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Living Out Our Values

Our Christian Values are at the heart of everything we do at our school and these photographs are representative of this. They were created with the generous help and support of two of our parents. These beautiful images were taken by photographer, Dawn Jee, and the text was added by graphic designer, Karen Wells, who also designed our Christian Values poster and Little Fishes logo. We would like to thank them for their invaluable expertise which has made this project possible.

  • DSB_2405 friendship RECT

    DSB_2405 friendship RECT.jpg
    DSB_2405 friendship RECT
  • Compassion square final

    Compassion square final.jpg
    Compassion square final
  • DSB_2461 Respect SQ

    DSB_2461 Respect SQ.jpg
    DSB_2461 Respect SQ
  • CREATIVITY square final

    CREATIVITY square final.jpg
    CREATIVITY square final

Journey togetherGuided by GodTo do the best we can