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Welcome to St Nicolas and St Mary CE Primary, Shoreham- by-Sea.  Reception places are currently available for September 2021.  Please contact the school for a tour and further information 01273454470  Do also watch one of the following videos:

School Admissions

If you are interested in applying for a place for your child please download the school prospectus and the 'Top 10 reasons for choosing St Nic's' (below).

The Governing Body, as the admissions authority, is responsible for all admissions to the school.  These arrangements and the admissions criteria are reviewed annually.  The school’s admissions arrangements, including oversubscription criteria, is available to download below.

Moving to our School

We currently do not have a waiting list for Reception starting September 2021.  If you wish to move to our school, please ring 01273 454470 or email  For other year groups we may have a waiting list – please enquire for more information. 


You have the right to appeal against a decision not to offer your child a place at your preferred school and to place them on a waiting list.  Guidance about the appeals process can be found on the West Sussex website  

Admission to Little Fishes Nursery

There are separate admissions arrangements for the school’s Nursery – Little Fishes.  Please note that admission to the Nursery does not guarantee a place in the Reception class and parents with children in the school must not assume younger siblings will automatically gain a place.  The school may be oversubscribed and parents and carers are advised to look carefully at the Admissions Arrangements and seek advice to ensure that forms are correctly and fully completed.

Please contact the school office to enquire about places in our Nursery. 

Myths - FAQs

School Admissions is a complex process - here are some common questions:

Q.   Do I have to go to church or fill in a church form?

A.   No.  If we have a place then we will offer it to you.  Only if we are oversubscribed does being a "regular worshipper" affect your chances of getting a place.

Q.  The Local Authority Admissons Office say St Nic's may not have a place.

A.   Do check with us.  We will tell you if we have any places or not.

Q.  What happens if St. Nic's is full?  Can I appeal for a place?

A.  If we are full, we cannot offer you a place.  However you do have the right to appeal

Any other questions? Please contact the school!


Parents/carers who would like their child to have a place in a reception class, either at St Nicolas and St Mary Primary School or another school, MUST apply for a place.  Children in the nursery do not take precedence over children who do not attend the nursery.  There is a separate admission policy for children applying for a reception place.  Please ask at the school office for admissions advice.   Wherever children go to school, we will endeavour to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.


There is some flexibility when a child can start full and/or part-time at school.  By law children must start school in the term following their 5th birthday.  However, the school cannot hold a place open for a summer-born child whose parent defers to the following September.  If you wish to defer entry, please contact the school.

Children normally start school full time from September regardless of their birth date – there may be some half days at the beginning of term.  However, if your child was born between January and August and you would prefer them to start part time please contact the school.

Other information

Admission arrangements for 2020/2021

Admission arrangements for 2021/2022

Admissions - Church Form

Provisional Registration form for children at school

Top Ten Reasons for choosing St Nic's

Frequently Asked Questions

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