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Building Brains Learning

Building Brains Learning is a key part of our PSHE curriculum. The aims of the learning are that:

  • All children feel safe, happy and able to learn.
  • Every child builds prosocial and pro-learning skills for the future.

The Learning is informed by the Empowerment Approach. Please read on and visit this website for more information: 

Building Brains Learning teaches young people:

  • How to problem-solve when things go wrong so they feel good AND those around them do too. 
  • About their brain and how it works 
  • How to prepare to be at their best for learning and socialising 
  • About their needs and how to manage well even when these needs aren’t being met.  

Key principles of the approach which also inform our behaviour policy and the language used as part of daily school life:

  • People who feel better, do better!
  • It is important to be curious, not furious about behaviour.
  • Listen to understand, not listen to respond.

At St Nicolas and St Mary’s CE School, we are committed to delivering a curriculum that is inclusive, inspirational and innovative. Building Brains Learning lives out this commitment as it is:

Inclusive: The Learning emphasises the importance of everyone feeling safe, happy and learning to achieve well every day. The Learning is informed by our understanding of neurodiversity (the belief that brain differences such as dyslexia, ADHD etc. are normal and should be celebrated) and the impact of attachment and trauma upon behaviour; it has high expectations for all children with the belief that we can all develop skills to achieve our best academically and socially. Building Brains is therefore taught in a way that engages all learners through role-play, multi-sensory activities and linking learning to the children’s daily experiences.

Innovative: The Empowerment Approach is a research-based multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates neuroscience, psychology, coaching and education. Our school is the first in our locality to teach children using this approach.

Inspiring: The Learning teaches children about how their brain works, how to problem-solve when things go wrong and empowers children so that they understand that they can develop their social and learning skills.

Please see the tab on the right to find out more about the way we are teaching the children about their control centre skills (also known as executive function skills). 

Please ask your child’s class teacher if you have any questions. 

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