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To keep your brains busy over the summer, we have asked some of our teachers to share their top tips for fun activities to try which will keep you learning.  Have a look and see what they recommend in this very special Awesome Assembly! We can't wait to hear what you have tried out when you return to school in September!


Here is a summary of some of the teacher's Top Tips!

Keep reading everywhere like Mr Mac...

Join the Silly Squad at the Summer Reading Challenge.

Or try his top 3 recommended reads:

Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes - Eric Litwin and James Dean (a fun picture book with a song about being positive when things go wrong)

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind - William Kamkwamba (true story about a boy inventor who helps his village get eco-friendly energy)

My Friend Walter - Michael Morpurgo (A historical adventure about a boy who makes friends with the ghost of Tudor explorer, Sir Walter Raleigh)

Be a super star writer like Miss Wells by writing a diary, postcard, letter or shopping list...

Stay musical like Miss Ellis...

Check out her favourite new song.

Learn a new song each week at Sing Up!

Keep practising with her TOP TIPS:

Play pieces you enjoy

Try to practice every day (Set an alarm if you always forget)

Perform your favourite pieces to your family (for more information, see her special Music Practice Sheet below)

Keep your number skills sharp like Miss Kite...

Try out these fun maths games

Become a whizz at your timestables.

Get creative with your story writing and have fun with your favourite characters like Miss Goss...

Creative writing ideas for kids

Tom Gates lesson ideas

How to plan your own comic like Tom Gates (once on this link, you will find lots of other Tom Gates related videos from the author, Liz Pichon)! 

How to draw Daisy like Nick Sharratt...

Use a myriad of maths skills when you are cooking something yummy like Mr Davies...

Why not try out his recipe for vegan cupcakes below? Don't forget to ask an adult to help you.

Practice your phonics and writing your sounds like Mrs MacDonald...

Why not have a look at the phonics section of our website with your adult for more tips on Fred Talk and learning your sounds

Keep active like Miss Walker...

Try some Funetics!

Continue to keep fit with Joe Wicks.

Find some Geo caches with your family!

Try some of these fun reading activities and games chosen by Mrs Lazenby and Ms Gallagher...

Why not teach your monster to read?

Enjoy a story with Cbeebies

Explore a story with your adult...

Find some fun activities to try with your adult

Play some phonics games

Play games at Playtime Island, by asking your adult to download the app for free

Please also check your class home learning pages to see if there is anything special you need to do in preparation for joining your new class :)

There are so many fantastic activities to try across the curriculum - we hope that you enjoy exploring some of them.  Whatever you choose, have fun with your learning over the Summer and we look forward to hearing all about it!


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