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Internet Legends Tour

Our school took part in the Internet Legends Tour, hosted by Google and Parentzone, which promoted four key rules for keeping safe online:

  1. Think before you share

Things can be shared quickly online, it’s important to only share things your child would be happy for everyone to see.

  1. Protect your stuff

Passwords, privacy settings and more are important in keeping your child's information safe online.

  1. Check it’s for real

Not everything you see online is true. If children are not sure about something, they should always check with you.

  1. Respect each other

It is important to treat other people the way they want to be treated online. Report bad behaviour and abuse. 

More information about the Internet Legends Tour and ways in which you can keep your family safe at home can be found on the following link:

Parents are also welcome to email any questions to:

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