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More information about activities and clubs

Activities and Clubs Overview

The school runs a variety of activities at lunchtimes and after school which are led by teachers and teaching assistants.  At the end of each term a School Ping form will be sent to parents and carers for you to complete and return with your child's preferences for the following terms clubs.  All the clubs are very popular and we will do our best to ensure children are able to join the clubs requested, however please note that this is not always possible. We will do our best to provide pupils with at least one of their options.

Advanced Coding: Designed to push the boundaries of coding and teach children a new and useful language to work with. It is challenging but children should learn some great skills along the way. 

Advanced Recorders: Drop in club. For those pupils who can play a simple tune like 'hot cross buns' or 'three blind mice' and would like to learn more. Children learn more notes, how to read music and begin to play pieces so that they are able to become part of the school band if they wish.

Construction Club 1-2: A different construction challenge every week and the children will be able to use a range of different materials to complete the challenge!

Football: Regular training sessions after school with occasional fixtures against other local primary schools in the area within the local 'football league'.  The club is open to keen year 3 and 6 children and we encourage both boys and girls to come along.

Netball Club: Regular training sessions on with occasional fixtures against other local primary schools in the area within the 'netball league'. 

School Band: Drop in club. For anyone who can already play an instrument a little and would like to learn some of the songs we sing in assemblies, Harvest festival and at Easter and Christmas etc.

School Newspaper: Drop in club. Newspaper Club provides a brand new opportunity for top writers in years 5 and 6 to report on exciting St Nic's news! Club members will report on events, perform interviews and help to design and edit the paper, which will be published on the school website when ready. Enthusiastic writers who would like to take part should provide Mr Davies with a piece of their writing.

Singing Club: At the start of January 2018 Glee Club and Choir merged to form the......'St Nics Singers'

A chance for those who love singing to stretch their vocal chords! We practice, perform and record a range of popular and traditional songs; with the opportunity to perform to audiences both in and out of school during the year.

Wiggle and Wriggle: A 'drop in' song and dance club for Reception, year 1 and year 2 children. Join us in moving and grooving to popular songs chosen by the children.

Activities and clubs run by external providers

Please click on the link to find out more clubs run by External Providers

Dance Club: Tuesday after school. Y1-3  3:20-4:00pm and Y4-6  4:00-4:45pm.  

Fees £4 ( £3.50 for a sibling) per session payable per half term.

Children are to wear black leggings & t shirt, bare feet or dance shoes.  Please pack an extra snack to have before the session starts. For more information contact:

Cygnets Art Club

Mondays 3.15pm - 4.15pm. Reception - Year 6.

For more information contact or email

The Outdoors Project: Wednesday after school. Y1-6  3:20-4:20pm

Fees £7 per session payable termly.  Click here for more information.

Performing Arts: Wednesday after school. YR-6 3:15-4:15pm.  £5 per session.                                                              

Contact: Megan Ring on 07447 948628 or email  

Karate: Thursday after school 3.15 - 4.15pm. Call 01903767616 or email

Little Lingos:   French - Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes. £5.50 per session, paid termly.

Contact: Tonia Spanos


Thursdays from 1.00pm. Please contact and select our school.

Top Gun Cheerleading:

Coming in the Autumn 2024 term!

Music tuition

St Nic's works in partnership with a number of music charities, small businesses and private tutors.  Please click here for a list of music providers and the music lessons available.  For further information and to book tuition, please contact the providers directly.   

Harp Academy: Tuesday afternoons.  Contact: Richard Taylor 01273 271203

Happy Tunes: Monday and Thursday afternoons.  Contact: Lisa O'Connor  07874 668706 

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