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Online games links

Maths should be fun! Click on the links below to have a go at some of these online games as an exciting way to practice your maths at home.


                                             For all ages









                                             Mainly KS1





                                             Mainly KS2








Cool Math Games: This website breaks games into different categories and lots of the games have different skill level options so it's a great website for anyone looking to work on their maths in an exciting way.


Math playground: Search for games for your year group. The website breaks down ages into American Grades, so look at games for the Grade below your Year (e.g Year 3 would be Grade 2).




CBeebies Numeracy: Have a look at these games, clips and activities which will help develop those early numeracy skills! The ones with a jigsaw piece in the corner are the games.



BBC Bitesize KS1: Lots of fun activities to help children in Key Stage 1 learn more about maths!




Math playground: Click the link to go to the area of the website which has lots of games to build problem solving and logic skills which are really important. There's options to work on solving word problems, riddles and number problems so go mad!


BBC Bitesize Maths KS2: This page breaks Maths down by topic and includes handy tutorials and tips as well as quizzes and games to see what you can do!




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