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Prayer Spaces

In order to develop spirituality, prayer and reflection within our school, each year we invite the Brighton and Hove City Mission and Off the Fence charities to set up a Prayer Space in our building.  In the Prayer Space, pupils can explore their developing faith and feelings about themselves and the world in a safe, creative and interactive way. Examples of different activities which we have explored in recent years include thinking about what we are thankful and sorry for, shining a 'spot light' on parts of the world where there are problems such as war or poverty, asking 'Big Questions' and having the opportunity to breathe deeply, reflect and simply 'be still.'  School staff and governors are involved in supporting pupils during the activities, and when possible, parents and carers are invited in by their children at special times during the week. Last year, due to Covid restrictions, we conducted the Prayer Space, remotely via video links and class assemblies but were delighted to welcome back the Off the Fence Team this year in person. For more information on this, please read the report below and some of the wonderful comments we received.

“I really enjoyed my time in the Prayer Space because I felt calm and relaxed. The sorry shredder kept my time at the Prayer Space positive. It was so good I just wished we could’ve had more time. Thank you for letting us spend time enjoying the activities.” Yr6 student

“I liked the sorry shredder because it gave you a chance to write down what you regret and restart.” Yr5 student

“I loved the tent because it made me think about our beautiful world. I also liked the shredder because you get to write stuff then shred it.” Yr5 student

“I liked the jumping because it made me laugh.” Yr2 student

“I liked the sorry shredder and the breathing and you could forgive your sins. I liked the tent because you can see the stars.” Yr2 student

“I felt happy.” Yr2 student

“This is such a welcoming space. I could spend all day in here.” Staff member


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