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Prayer Spaces

In order to develop spirituality, prayer and reflection within our school, each year we invite the Brighton and Hove City Mission and Off the Fence charities to set up a Prayer Space in our building.  In the Prayer Space, pupils can explore their developing faith and feelings about themselves and the world in a safe, creative and interactive way. Examples of different activities which we have explored in recent years include thinking about what we are thankful and sorry for, shining a 'spot light' on parts of the world where there are problems such as war or poverty, praying for those who have no home or who have left their home as refugees, asking 'Big Questions' and simply having the opportunity to breathe deeply, reflect and simply 'be still.'  In addition to the Prayer Space Team, school staff and parent/governor volunteers are involved in supporting pupils during the activities. For more information on this, please read our most recent Prayer Space reports below and some of the wonderful comments we have received.

"We would love to say a big thank you to all of your students for their exceptionally good behaviour and the respect they have shown us as visitors to their school. Behaviour is always good at St Nicolas and St Mary's but this year we have been particularly impressed with the engagement and good attitude of all the classes this year. We have witnesses kindness between students as they help each other with activities and have had some lovely open conversations with individuals as they explored the different aspects of the space. Prayer Space is a highlight of the work we do in schools and the excellent behaviour of your students made the experience even more enjoyable for everyone in attendance this year."  Suzanne Ault, Prayer Space Leader

Pupils this year have said:

"I had fun praying because it gives me time to talk to God."

"The Prayer Space was incredible."

"I like the one when you write sorry on the card because it made me feel better and I could be forgiven."

"I like how it was magic when the flowers opened and it's nice how you hope for something and write it down and talk to God about your hope."


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