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Trouble shooting

We are using a Google Calendar embedded within a frame on our calendar page. Some browsers may prevent this sub page from storing the cookies required to load the calendar. 

If the calendar doesn't display please try the following;

  • Ensure you clicked on the 'Allow cookies' button when you loaded the page.

    Allow Cookies Image

    • If you did not Allow them when you first loaded the page then you may need to clear your cache and reload the page to see the message again. 
  • If you are using Safari then you may need to first go to the calendar directly before it will appear on the page. Click here to view the calendar directly and then try refreshing the calendar page.

If you still can't see the calendar or subscribe to it please report the issue here including as much information as possible as well as any relevant screenshots to help us resolve.

Please refrain from contacting the school office about this as they will be unable to provide you with technical support.

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