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Use of the internet

Responsible use of the internet

St Nicolas and St Mary’s offer supervised access to the internet to enable pupils to exchange electronic mail with partner schools and to research information from museums, libraries, news providers and other sources as part of their programme of learning.

We believe that there are considerable educational benefits to be gained from the directed use of the internet within the curriculum, although there are understandable concerns about undesirable materials.  We will take reasonable precaution to protect your child, including supervising their internet use.  We have purchased broadband from an educational supplier that operates a filtering system to restrict access to inappropriate materials.  Students should be aware that messages sent by e-mail are filtered for unsuitable language and copies of all e-mails are kept and randomly checked.

We will ask parents or carers to confirm that internet and e-mail access has been approved.  Parents and children will be asked to sign an agreement that they will support and abide by these rules.

Should you wish to discuss the issue of the internet, please contact the school.

There are a large number of internet websites that you may find helpful.  If you do not have internet access at home or work, we may be able to arrange for you to use a computer at school – please ask.

Spend time with your child on your computer at home – even just the first few minutes.

  • Get your child to try a new website each week.
  • Encourage your child to spend 10 mins on a fun educational website before doing other things on the computer.
  • Limit the time children spend in front of a screen (computers, laptops, TVs, phones, game consoles etc).  Give them a 10 min and 5 min warning – and stick to it!
  • Change your password to 6x8=48.  Your child will definitely learn that times table!
  • Remind your child about keeping safe on-line.
  • Turn off all screens one hour before bedtime!

Contract for Responsible Internet Use

  • Ask permission before using the Internet.
  • Only use your own network login and password.
  • Do not bring software or disks into school without permission.
  • Ask an adult if you see a pop up box that you do not understand.
  • Only e-mail people you know, or your teacher has approved.
  • Messages you send must be polite and sensible. Emails containing offensive language will be filtered and blocked.  It is your responsibility to ensure everything you send is appropriate.
  • Do not open e-mails/attachments from someone you do not know.  Inform a teacher.
  • You must never give out personal details; home address, telephone number.
  • If you see anything you are unhappy with or receive messages you do not like, tell a teacher immediately.
  • You must not search for offensive material.
  • The school may check your computer files and Internet sites you visit.
  • Deliberately breaking these rules may result in you not being allowed to use the Internet or computers.

Be safe, be fair!

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