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Welcome to History at St Nicolas and St Mary CE Primary School! 

Here you will find our history curriculum map, history milestones and some of our new history 'Knowledge Organisers' detailing the journey our children make as historians from year 1 to year 6. There are many fascinating and enjoyable history topics studied at our school and these allow us to enthuse all pupils with the joy of discovering the past.


Our History Vision

At St Nicolas and St Mary School, we inspire all our children with a history curriculum that enables them to become curious and independent learners. By examining the past and introducing children to aspirational historical figures, we consider how the past, at both a micro and a macro level, has an influence on our present. We passionately believe in the importance of cross-curricular links and history, often the focus of our ‘topic’ lessons, is frequently interwoven with, for example, English, art, music and D&T.  This gives our pupils a rich and broad historical learning experience and children have a far greater understanding and knowledge of periods of history as a result. Children also have many opportunities to have hands-on experiences through role-play and drama, expert visitors and workshops as well as hugely engaging and popular class trips to destinations such as Arundel Castle and Newhaven Fort. All St Nicolas and St Mary pupils are encouraged to question, investigate and interpret the past in order to explore their own personal histories, local area history and significant periods of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. This empowers our pupils with a strong chronological understanding and an ardent enthusiasm for historical


History Knowledge Organisers

Everything you need to know about our history topics!

Year 1 Knights and Castles Knowledge Organiser

Year 2 The Great Fire of London Knowledge Organiser

Year 2 Neil Armstrong Knowledge Organiser

Year 2 Christopher Columbus Knowledge Organiser

Year 3 The Victorians Knowledge Organiser

Year 3 The Mayans Knowledge Organiser

Year 3 Roman Britain Knowledge Organiser

Year 4 Ancient Egypt Knowledge Organiser

Year 4 The Tudors Knowledge Organiser

Year 5 Ancient Greece Knowledge Organiser

Year 5 Anglo-Saxons and Vikings Knowledge Organiser

Year 6 WW2 Knowledge Organiser

Year 6 Prehistory Knowledge Organiser


High-Class History

Please enjoy these videos showcasing history at our school.


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A fantastic example of the Year 6 WW2 'Living Waxwork' project. 


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Lockdown History

When schools returned to face-to-face teaching in March 2021, all classes spent some time reflecting on the unusual period of history that we are living through. Classes explored ideas about preserving our modern history for future generations through artwork and writing as well as considering what might be a potential artefact of the future from this time period.


Respect for All 

As a school, we are keen to promote the importance of diversity within our school and country during Black History Month in October both through focussed teaching activities in the classroom and through extra-curricular experiences.  On 5th October 2022, we had another visit from ‘African Activities’ who offer the opportunity to engage with Black and African Culture by sharing superb creative artistic experiences that disrupt preconceptions, create community, drive excellence and break barriers. This year our focus was on music. Each year group enjoyed a drumming and singing workshop.


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